Welcome To Bell Soap

Karen Bell - Bell Soap


Hi! I'm Karen Bell, the face behind Bell Soap.


I personally hand make every Bell Soap product in my home in Wesport, Ontario where a great attention to detail is made as I make my soap in 8 pound batches. In addition, I'm constantly experimenting with recipes to improve my products.


I am committed to making the best soap possible as I use only top quality organic vegetable oils and butters, organic and locally grown products in Ontario and Canada. I also incorporate natural botanicals, clays and essential oils since they are considered excellent for their skin nourishing qualities. Further, I love purchasing products and utilizing services from local independent businesses in all aspects of my soapmaking. SHOP LOCAL!!!


There will NEVER be any artificial colourants, fragrances, dyes or any other bad stuff. There’s no reason for it. Read my labels and you will find everything that is in the soap. Everything is vegan except for goats milk and honey in a few of my bars. And rest assured, there will never be any genetically modified oils such as canola or soy oil in my soap because I choose to spend more money to ensure that only excellent quality vegetable oils are in my soap that are great for your skin.


At Bell Soap we are ALL ABOUT THE OIL. I make each bar with a tailor made recipe to make it special. For example, my Hemp bar is made with 22% hemp oil from the Hempola farm near Barrie, Ontario. The Avocado Bar is made with 45% organic avocado oil, which makes for a super soft bar that is excellent for sensitive and dry skin. My Castile Bar is 100% olive oil, a true castile that is very moisturizing.


Choose the bar that is best for your needs and for more information on the oils you can read about it under the ingredients section. Or please do contact me to discuss my products.